Frequently Asked Questions

Why ByteSize?

What makes us different?

ByteSize Learning offers young and curious students an opportunity to develop valuable skills in several software programs, and in programming languages. Our founders recognized the importance of teaching the next generation these skills so they will be prepared to build a better tomorrow. We saw our competitors fail to deliver high quality curriculum, to engage students in meaningful activities and to choose consistent, capable instructors.

Who are the founders?

Andrew Rust and Ayden Hochstein of Raleigh, North Carolina are experienced instructors who are passionate about computer science and programming. They recognized a need in the marketplace for high quality programming instruction and founded ByteSize Learning to meet this need. Find out more about our founders on the About Us page.

Course FAQs

How long are the classes?

All ByteSize Learning courses are 1 week long and are composed of 5 hour long sessions. Our intermediate courses are a continuation of the beginner courses so students that are interested in further developing their skills can sign up for the beginner course and then the intermediate course for the following week. Click here to browse our course selection!

What makes us different?

We strive to keep all interactions and instruction personalized to ensure success for all of our students so we limit all of our offerings to 5 students per class. Each instructor also offers 1-on-1 sessions Tuesday-Friday if a student needs more personal attention. These can be reserved here.

When are instructors available for assistance?

All instructors and ByteSize Learning staff will respond to emails as soon as possible and within 24 hours except over holidays. Instructors do have time in class sessions to answer any questions and you can setup 1 on 1 sessions here for additional project assistance or tutoring outside of normal class hours.

What age of students are appropriate for each class?

Our courses are best suited for upper elementary school, middle school, and high school students. See below for the particular range for each course:

Are the courses taught live?

Yes, all courses are taught live over Google Meet video calling by our qualified instructors. Check out our instructors on the About Us page.

What equipment do I need to be successful?

A computer (laptop or desktop) with access to high speed internet is required for all ByteSize Learning courses. For the smoothest user experience for GIMP and Unity classes, 8GB+ of RAM or an integrated graphics card is recommended although not required.

How much will I have to pay for software for each class?

All software taught in the ByteSize learning courses is completely free with the exception of Minecraft (available here for $26.95). Each student will need a gmail account that can be created for free here.

How do I install the software necessary for a class?

Upon registration for a class, the parent and/or student will receive a comprehensive instruction guide on installing the software prior to the first class. If any problems arise, contact

What if I can’t keep up with the rest of the class?

All instructors have daily 1-on-1 hours available to provide additional help. Sign up for 1-on-1 time with your instructor!

What if I miss a class?

All instructors have daily 1-on-1 hours that can help catch a student up after a missed course. We do ask for 24 hours notice. Sign up for 1-on-1 time with your instructor!

I already have experience in a course. Can I skip the introductory class?

Of course. All of our classes are designed to be for the introductory student, but we can accommodate students already with experience as well who wish to register for the intermediate class. Before doing so though, please request and review the introductory syllabus from to ensure you are prepared for the intermediate class.

What do I get to show for completing a course?

At ByteSize learning, we put education first. After completing each course, students will have made their own project(s) alongside learning their software and will be able to learn and create their own projects long after the conclusion of the class. We don’t just teach students about the software, we teach them how to teach themselves. To us, that is much more valuable than any certificate. Of course, if you completed a course with ByteSize Learning and would like a certificate to show friends and family, please email!

Is there homework?

After most classes, instructors will encourage the students to practice their new skills with a short activity to complete before the next class. This allows the student to explore the course's content and generate important questions. We have found the students learn more by practicing with support rather than just being told how to do something.  In a perfect world though, our students are so excited learning their program that this doesn’t even feel like a homework assignment!

Can I make my own project?

Absolutely! Each course is outfitted with between 2 and 5 sample projects that the students can work from but they are by no means limited to those projects. Instructors will do everything they can to ensure that a student is able to pursue a project of their choice.

Enrollment FAQs

Which course should I take?

We have made a comprehensive guide to make the decision easy! Check out the details page for each course provided under the “browse courses” link. If you are having any lingering questions or concerns, you may always reach out to for help.

How are courses administered?

Each course is taught in real-time, over video chat (Google Meet) with an experienced instructor. The instructor will be able to share their screen with the students and vice versa. Students are encouraged to ask questions and troubleshoot with their instructor. Courses are taught for 1-hour per day Monday-Friday with optional 1-on-1 sessions offered for students looking to review or seek additional help. View our classes calendar here.

Can I switch to another section or course after registering?

We are willing to make any effort necessary to accommodate all students, however we cannot guarantee another section’s availability if a student wishes to switch. For help with a scheduling issue, reach out to

When are the different courses offered?

All of our courses are offered throughout the entire year. For a complete schedule of dates and times, see our calendar.